How to find work (in Video-Games) - Guide

Miguel Nogueira
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Hi everyone. In this guide I will share what I know about finding freelance and studio work, (remote and on-site) and guide you through step by step process and fundamental mind-sets I keep close when approaching a client or art director you want to work with.

This guide includes all basics I know and have used for all my career in both games, multimedia and graphic design. Over the years I've worked with such clients as Blink 182, Google, Internet of Things, 3DTotal, Frictional Games and many others.

The content is a mix between tutorial, essay, a collection of studies and break-downs of existing bad and good examples of cover letters, resume's, portfolios and what kind of sites you should visit to get more work and even showcase of some techniques for clients emailing you themselves to offer you work instead of having you find work on your own.


- 28 page PDF file

Further including:

Part 1: Proper portfolio presentation

Part 2: Expanding your network of clients overnight

Part 3: Introducing yourself online to relevant industry clients (the right way)

Part 4: Lists of all relevant job classifieds HUBs online with good traffic.

Part 5: Building a cover letter that actually works.

Part 6: Studies of successful cover letters vs ones that failed

Part 7: How to find clients at the right time and actually get more chances at getting hired

Part 8: Building a backup plan to still get work and income during slow months

Part 9: Industry events.

Part 10: Bonus notes, job hunting databases, resumes, cover letters, studies and materials.

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PDF Guide on how to Find a Job in the Games Industry

28 pages

How to find work (in Video-Games) - Guide

0 ratings
I want this!