"Black Omen" PostProcess Everydays .PSD files

Miguel Nogueira
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Process PSDs for my Black Omen collection, a stream of everydays artworks featured here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RYr4Pr

These .PSD files show how to take a bare 3D model into Photoshop and give it a realistic flare. All layers are there from start to finish so you can go over them at your own pace and see all the before's and after's and how the image builds up from a raw render to something more cinematic.

This pack includes:

- Process PSD (no commentary/notes)

- Layered PSD build

- Full res JPG of image

Thanks for your support.

  • Post Process Files

  • Post Process Files
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"Black Omen" PostProcess Everydays .PSD files

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