Improve your Post-Processing

Miguel Nogueira
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Hey everyone!

In this tutorial I will share my thought process behind how you can improve your post process, I will also talk about:

- Framing and composition

- How to improve your lighting

- Reverence to inspiration from films

- Setup the lighting

- Color correction

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Additional file info:

- The video is about 19 mins of explaining my thought process, layer by layer and the decisions I made and why I made them

- Includes the .PSD file and full res JPG

- Also includes original Keyshot file.

- Includes all texture, lens effects, cinematography filters used within the .PSD for quick extraction and application

- Includes Photoshop brushes set used in the video.

Hope you will enjoy it!

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Post processing tutorial


Improve your Post-Processing

0 ratings
I want this!