Mentorship Sessions - DEMO

Miguel Nogueira
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In this tutorial series I will talk and walk you through the in-depth analytical dissection of a junior concept artist portfolio, going over simple terms that you can incorporate in your design thinking that are affordable to anyone and are able to turn in good results. You can use what I taught this student as a scaffolding to build your portfolio around, or to help you place an economy of details, forms, themes in a balanced way on pre-existing portfolio pieces. I will go over and paintover, sketch, provide guidelines both to the work of this student as well as feedback on his cover letter and his approach to the job market. Hope you enjoy this tutorial.


- Live tutorial Demo with feedback - 1h 30min

- Guidelines, paintovers over work samples

- Fundamental theory on color unity, forms, and readjustments of existing work

- Visual language theory

- Extracting master painter

- Portfolio Presentation and post-process fundamentals

- Industrial design fundamentals

- Feedback and guidance on cover letters, applying to jobs and placement in the job market.

Extra info

This is a preview of the mentorship sessions I usually provide, and that I thought it could fit as a sample where others could learn from without having to book a session with me at a more affordable price.

  • Mentorship Sessions - DEMO

  • Mentorship Sessions - DEMO
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Mentorship Sessions - DEMO

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