Visual Language Theory - Guide

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Visual Language Theory - Guide

Miguel Nogueira
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Hi everyone. In this guide I will share what I know about visual language, (unifying shapes, repetition, variety...) and guide you through step by step analysis of the thinking processes I use everyday at my mech work.

This guide includes all basics I know and a .PSD file demo.

The content is a mix between tutorial, essay, a collection of studies and break-downs of existing popular work, paintovers and feedback I gave to others.


- 15 page PDF file covering theory.

- Bonus .PSD file with demo sketch process. (not narrated)

Further including:

Part 1: How to design with rhythm

Part 2: Techniques on how to frame and guide to a focal point

Part 3: Adding variety without breaking unity.

Part 4: Unity in design

Part 5: Adding variety without breaking repetition.

Part 6: Detail intensity ratios

Part 7: Line of action and composition tips

Part 8: Bridging your design with visual connections.

Part 9: Application examples, taking the notes and applying it to existing concepts that needed feedback.

Part 10: Closing thoughts and advice on how to further chase these concepts on your own.

Thank you for your purchase.

I want this!

PDF guide + PSD process


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