Level Design for Concept Artists

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Level Design for Concept Artists

Miguel Nogueira
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In this guide, I will share my thought process for concept artworks that suggest level design ideas for video-games from start to finish.

This 14 page PDF guide will help and introduce beginners and intermediate level artists who may know how to concept painting but not necessarily design playable routes, blocks and elements. (HUBs, pathways, tunnels, verticality in design, etc.)

If you want to dive into level design suggestions for your client along with your already beautiful painting, delivering a convergence between art and a functional schematic, then this is for you.

A collection of studies and thoughts on my process on how I design environments in my day to day client work.

A sample/preview of one of the manual's pages is included in this preview for free.

In this package, you will find:

-14 page PDF with clear guidelines on how to approach level design in your concepts.

- A 20 minute pratical examples video, executing the theory from the original PDF guide.

- Closing thoughts and advice on how to iterate upon these principles and create your own studies (though the formula works fine as it is, but you may want to expand on it, create your own, be a critic as well or just keep using the formulas presented as they are!)

I really hope you guys find it useful and start applying to your own work.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to contact me.

I want this!

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