Fabric Materials for Keyshot

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Fabric Materials for Keyshot

Miguel Nogueira
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A bundle of fabric materials for Keyshot. Drag, drop, render!


- Denim.

- Denim variation 2

- Dirty white cloth

- Ragged Denim

- Washed Denim.

- Leather

- Dirty Cloth.

License Info

Commercial use of the materials are permitted but the materials themselves can not be sold or shared and must be embedded components in media such as a video game, movies, 3D models, Concept Art.

License Type

This license is for one person only, you can use it on multiple computers but only one person should have access to it. Good for freelance artists, students, hobbyists, or motivated pro artists.

Up to use for teams of 10 people.

Educational organizations, such as schools, should only share the package at one school location.

I want this!

7 keyshot fabric materials

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